True data sovereignty and agility in the global workplace

choose how and where your data is located

Rapidly create a global storage network and choose where data resides

NetCrypt allows your company to create a network of secure, private, encrypted storage, on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid cloud.

Cloud-enable existing hardware in multiple locations/worldwide and benefit from enhanced connectivity and productivity.

  • Instantly create drives and assign user permissions for access to data within minutes.
  • Dynamic storage, create, modify and delete storage in real-time on multiple servers.
  • Utilise public or private hosted cloud offerings from your service provider to reduce costs in provisioning and maintaining server hardware.
  • Choose from a range of storage providers in different countries available on the NetCrypt Marketplace to instantly expand your storage network.
  • Build your own hybrid decentralised storage network across multiple locations to free your data from a single anonymous data centre, reducing downtime due data centre outages or maintenance.

Eliminate VPNs for Data Access

NetCrypt allows you to rapidly create a private, global decentralised encrypted storage network for your business without the need to setup a VPN.

Benefits of a VPN-less network:

  • Easily connect to and access storage from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Create a more unified way of connecting staff in a global workplace.
  • NetCrypt is fast and dynamic, so the creation, modification and movement of storage is rapid. VPN's are static and don't allow dynamic changes.
  • Assign access to your storage network across multiple locations simply, without the hassle of distributing VPN Access.
  • Reduce overhead costs associated with the set-up, training and administration of a VPN network.
Eliminate VPNs for Data Access
Simplifying Data Sovereignty Obligations

Simplify Data Sovereignty Obligations

NetCrypt is built for the global market, which makes meeting data jurisdiction and sovereignty requirements simple by:

  • Enabling data storage networks to be easily set-up where you need them, rather than your data being stored in anonymous data centres in unknown locations.
  • Store documents in a particular country, or state for privacy or to meet legal or industry obligations.
  • Split your data into regions or multiple servers, keep EU data in Europe and have US data in the USA, give users access to what they need while still storing the data in the right location.
  • Move data to different geographic locations as required or replicate to multiple locations.

Keep workers in Sync

NetCrypt maps the drives and synchronizes the data you are working on. The client software communicates with multiple servers simultaneously allowing you to keep your data in sync regardless of the storage location.

  • When using NetCrypt on your local computer, when changes are made they are automatically synchronized back to the server.
  • Selectively synchronize drives you require, pause drives and unlink drives that aren't required on the device at the time.
  • NetCrypt ServerSync allows you to keep your data structure on your existing Microsoft Server and sync the data into NetCrypt and vice versa.
  • Smart conflict resolution ensures even when multiple users are working on the same file that data is never lost.
  • Prevent duplicate editing by "locking" files while making changes and ensure co-workers aren't able to make changes until you have finished.
  • Manage file types permitted to synchronize and files types to be blocked, also set limits for files sizes.

Keep workers in Sync
Data retention and versioning to protect and ensure compliance

Data retention and versioning to protect and ensure compliance

End user frustrations when data is deleted or overwritten. NetCrypt provides the tools to allow the user to restore files themselves so recovering lost or overwritten data no longer requires the support of your IT department.

  • With configurable data retention giving the flexibility to protect data and roll back data even when files have been deleted.
  • Set-up data custom retention on a drive by drive basis to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.
  • Advanced configurable versioning means that data is never lost and there is the ability to roll back to previous file versions if required.
  • Meet your strict compliance requirements by setting NetCrypt to permanently store and retain all previous versions or deleted files.