Championing secure collaboration

Collaborate with confidence

Collaborate with confidence

Share files directly with third parties without using consumer-grade public cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. NetCrypt allows you to easily and securely collaborate with external contractors, suppliers and other third parties from any device with:

  • Guest accounts - set drive or folder access and permissions for any third party users.
  • Create secure file sharing links, issued by an email invitation or as a direct download link.
  • Apply file access conditions for extra security by adding passwords to ensure only intended recipients open documents, file expiry timeframes and file download limits.
  • Always have access to your files via any web browser.

Share data securely without constraints

NetCrypt eliminates email limit constraints or the need for complex FTP set-ups to transfer data securely.

Configurable enhanced user authentication policies provide your organization with an additional layer of data security and control over user login and password management:

  • Easily and securely share large files up to 10GB in size via email, or via secure download links with password and/or expiry time conditions and download limits.
  • Send links to receive large or sensitive documents by enabling third parties to securely upload files to the folder of your choice via web browser:
    • Without giving them access to existing folder content.
    • Control the maximum data upload size.
    • Restrict file types that can be uploaded
Share data securely and without constraints
Keep across data sharing activities

Keep across data sharing activities

Maintain complete visibility and control over file sharing and collaboration activities via the NetCrypt centralized management console.

  • Monitor file usage and logging trails to ensure activities align with company compliance requirements.
  • Review, audit and block file links shared with third parties as necessary.
  • Track sharing link usage, including when and where links were accessed, by whom and the number of times the file has been downloaded and from where.
  • Update users, guest users and groups account settings and revoke access at any time.