Industry-leading encryption keeping your data safe

Encryption to provide ultimate data security

Encryption to provide ultimate data security

NetCrypt creates encrypted vaults on your server and clients to securely store your data. These vaults are accessed as mapped drives enabling easy end-user adoption while providing a high level protection with:

  • Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Automatic data protection at all points – on the server, during transmission and on the client.
  • Data on the server is stored in encrypted vaults only accessible to authorized users authenticated through the NetCrypt client software.
  • Encrypted vault contents are hidden including file names and folder structure preventing unauthorized access.
  • Full ownership and control of encryption keys – only you hold and manage these, not a third party service provider or cloud host.

Control your data with full visibility

NetCrypt provides an easy-to-use management console giving you a centralized place to create and manage users, groups, drives and their permissions with:

  • Entire system visibility in a single, integrated dashboard enabling easy management of storage, users, groups, permissions, and devices.
  • Full platform auditability so you can easily track access, see who opened, deleted, or shared a file, and with whom.
  • Guest Account creation for short term staff, contractors or volunteers.
  • Recent file usage activities in logging trails to ensure activities comply with company regulations.
NetCrypt Security settings
Encrypt only the data you want to protect

Encrypt only the data you want to protect

NetCrypt only encrypts the data you want to protect, not your entire hard-drive.

  • Vaults and data are encrypted as soon as they are created and are dynamically expanded as required without impacting PC performance.
  • No need for system-wide encryption, which can take days and risk frustrating master boot record failure errors.
  • No third party encryption software is required. NetCrypt works with all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows to provide military-grade encryption for your files.

Familiar interface for easy end user adoption

The NetCrypt software is simple to implement and easy for end-users to adopt.

  • Once a user is authorized and logged into the NetCrypt client software, mapped drives simply appear as an available storage device.
  • Users require little training, or special knowledge to use the NetCrypt client software making the rollout as seamless as possible.
  • Administrators can easily setup, choose and manage encryption keys via the NetCrypt centralized management console.
Familiar interface for easy end user adoption