Secure data access in today’s borderless workplace

Data security certainty when working remotely

Data security certainty when working remotely

Today's users demand access to their data at all times, from anywhere, on any device. NetCrypt safely facilitates remote working.

  • Secure access to any data from any device – authorised users can access files via client software from a web browser or iOS or Android.
  • Support for bring your own device (BYOD) by allowing staff or contractors to use personal computers with the knowledge the data can only be accessed by authorized persons therefore security is not compromised
    • Remote wipe individual devices without removing personal files and data.
    • Downloaded files stored securely in separate location.
  • Boost productivity whilst maintaining data ownership.
  • Create Guest Accounts for short term staff, contractors or volunteers or suppliers to collaborate on a project or task.

Two-factor Authentication for extra security

Add an extra layer of protection to your organization's data with two-factor user authentication policies.

  • Enforce a One Time Password (OTP) credential for the user authentication process.
  • Define trusted IP addresses and ranges to require users to use OTP and two-factor authentication when logging in from outside trusted networks.
  • Allow or disallow auto-login for desktop client software and mobile apps, with the option for an additional pin-code authentication for mobile devices.
  • Security-driven password policies to control password length and strength, and force account lockout after failed logins.
Two-Factor Authentication
File Activity Report

Centralized data control, usage visibility and access management

NetCrypt provides an easy-to-use management console giving you entire system visibility and a centralized place to create and manage users, groups and their permissions. Create storage servers and drives and monitor all aspects of usage.

  • Restrict user and group access with drive and folder-based permissions.
  • Manage authorization privileges for internal and external teams and projects.
  • Permissions remain consistent across desktop, mobile apps and web-based file explorer.
  • Full platform auditability so you can easily track access, see who opened, deleted, or shared a file, and with whom.
  • Recent file usage activities in logging trails to ensure activities align with company regulations.

Enhance your existing file server capabilities

Install NetCrypt server sync software onto your organization's existing file server and turn it into an on-premise private cloud. Provide employees with mobile access to any business-critical files from anywhere, at any time, and using any device.

  • Keep your data in place, but make it accessible in the cloud, making your file server accessible from any location.
  • Enable your users to work how they want to, and prevent the need for shadow IT and personal file sharing tools to get the job done.
  • Allow users to sync with other devices and computers outside of the company LAN.
  • Easily add external users as guest accounts and control what they access.
  • Add retention and versioning and file sharing features.
  • Gain usage tracking with logging trails to ensure activities align with company regulations.
Better Access Protection than Remote Wipe

Better Access Protection than Remote Wipe

Remote wipe as a way of cutting-off access is essentially flawed because there is a reliance on an internet connection to activate this. With NetCrypt data is secured at all times and remote wipe is not required to prevent unauthorized access to company data.

  • If a device is stolen or a hacker gains machine access, our encryption ensures the data is unreadable.
  • NetCrypt administrators can easily revoke vault access at an account or machine level.
  • Data is secured at rest, so no internet connection is required to revoke access unlike remote wipe.
  • NetCrypt Administrators can easily grant/modify access to users, folders, devices etc. directly from the console.