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NetCrypt FAQ

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NetCrypt is a unique SaaS data security solution that protects data in a network of secure 256-bit AES encrypted data vaults.

The NetCrypt data vaults provide an ultra-secure perimeter around your organization's data, no matter where it resides - on user devices, on the server or in the cloud.

With NetCrypt, users have simple, intuitive and secure access to the files they need, when they need them and with all the benefits of the cloud to improve productivity, driving their business forward.

IT maintains complete ownership, visibility and control to ensure data security and provide business continuity.

The data vaults are 256-bit AES encrypted dynamically expanding files.

On PCs and laptops, data is hidden and secured until users provide their identity and are successfully authenticated. Once authenticated, the vaults are mounted as 'virtual network drives', and content is then further protected by Data Loss Prevention technologies.

Data created, copied to or modified within the NetCrypt virtual network drives is automatically synchronized to the NetCrypt server making it available to other users with assigned access to the NetCrypt drive.

NetCrypt drives have a user and group level granular permissions system that can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and use SSO.

With changes in the way organizations work, the use of multiple devices and how data is stored, the challenge becomes not only on how best to protect end-point data, but also to ensure regulations, Privacy Laws and data sovereignty obligations are met.

NetCrypt solves the security problems associated with Bring Your Own Device and mobile data access with data stored in AES 256-bit encrypted vaults and access granted only to authenticated users.

NetCrypt enables the workers of today to collaborate and share files securely reducing the need for consumer grade sharing applications and implementing shadow IT to get the job done, and means that the organization maintains data and IP ownership control.

A unified data security solution

  • Encrypted Data Storage + Mobile Access + File Sharing & Collaboration + DLP + Auditing = NetCrypt.
  • Eliminates the need to implement, manage, monitor and finance a multitude of individual solutions to secure corporate data.

Secured corporate data and access

  • Bank-grade, 256-bit encrypted vaults securely store data.
  • Encrypted vaults are hidden until the user is authenticated and their identity is proven.
  • Only once the user logs into the NetCrypt software is the drive mounted and data made visible and accessible.

Compliance assurance

  • Flexible storage deployments on-premise and in the cloud, means organizations can choose to have the data stored in their own jurisdiction or in a desired geographic location to meet compliance requirements.
  • NetCrypt provides a single point of reporting, providing a full audit trial of all data intervention and transactions.

Increased productivity

  • Secure data access from any device so that productivity is enhanced rather than restricted for anyone working remotely, thus offering full support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration eliminating the need for employees to use consumer-grade file sharing and put company data at risk of intervention.

Cost Reductions

  • As NetCrypt is a unified solution providing encrypted data storage, mobile access protection, file sharing and collaboration, data loss protection and auditing it eliminates the need for a multitude of individual solutions so reduces an organization cost and management investment to secure data.
  • NetCrypt’s smart storage is an automated archive and retrieval system enabling organizations to migrate data that has not been accessed for a specified timeframe to low-cost storage without manual intervention, and using placeholder technology data can be retrieved when required.
  • In the event of a ransomware attack, NetCrypt not only detects and prevents the mass network spread of infected data, but using the versioning capability data can be rolled back to the minute before the infection occurred. Returning to business as usual takes minutes, not hours, saving financial loss and a reduction in productivity.

NetCrypt enables organizations to create a network of secure, private, encrypted storage either on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid cloud. Existing hardware can be cloud-enabled in multiple geographic locations to enhance connectivity and productivity.

Drives and user access permissions can be created instantly and storage is dynamic so that content creation, modification and deletion occurs in real-time and on multiple servers.

Storage can be structured to support expansion, ensure compliance, reduce costs and minimize downtime as follows:

  • Select storage providers from different countries from the NetCrypt Storage Marketplace and instantly implement to meet compliance requirements;
  • Utilize public or private hosted cloud offerings from your service provider to reduce costs of provisioning and maintaining infrastructure;
  • Build your own hybrid decentralized network across multiple locations to free your data from a single anonymous data centre, reducing downtime due to data centre outages or maintenance.

NetCrypt simplifies compliance by providing drives to easily store and access data in different countries.

Data storage networks can be set-up easily in different countries or locales where you are required to meet specific privacy, legal or industry obligations, rather than data being stored in a data centre in an unknown location.

Data can be split into regions across multiple servers - keep EU data in Europe and US data in the USA. Give users access to what they need while storing the data in the right location. Data can also be easily moved to different data locations as required, or replicated to multiple locations.

Data is completely private and secure.

NetCrypt creates bank-grade 256-bit encrypted vaults on your server and client machines to securely store company data.

Data is protected at all end-points – on the server, during transmission and on the client. The encrypted vaults contents are hidden until an authorized user is authenticated through the software.

Once users are authenticated, vaults are accessed as mapped drives, enabling easy end-user adoption while providing a high level of protection.

Yes. NetCrypt protects your company data wherever it resides – on your servers, on employee computers, other businesses’ computers and on mobile devices. The software turns your storage servers and workstations into an encrypted storage network.

Data is stored in encrypted vaults that are only visible and accessible to authorized and authenticated users. The NetCrypt software manages data security and encryption, you control users, permissions and set your own encryption keys.

Yes. NetCrypt enables secure file sharing with third parties through the creation of links issued by an email invitation, or as a direct download link with passwords, file expiry timeframes and file download limits to ensure only the intended recipients can open documents.

NetCrypt eliminates email file size constraints thus removing the need for consumer grade public cloud file sharing applications or complex FTP set-ups to transfer large data.

Administrators maintain complete visibility and control over file sharing and collaboration activities via the NetCrypt Management Console enabling them to monitor file usage, when and where links we accessed, by whom and the number of times files were downloaded to ensure activities align with company compliance requirements. User access can quickly and easily be update or revoked, and if necessary, file links shared with third parties can be blocked.

Yes, NetCrypt vaults can be securely accessed from any device using a web browser or mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Data is secured on all devices, including BYOD and can be accessed anywhere via the encrypted vaults and access authentication process.

NetCrypt’s smart storage, which is an automated archive and retrieval system, results in reduced storage costs as companies can migrate data to low-cost storage without manual intervention. Using Download on Demand (placeholder technology), data can be easily retrieved when required.

NetCrypt is a totally new concept in terms of protecting organizational data. NetCrypt is designed to protect the data on the server, in the cloud, in transit and on the end-point device.

No other product today offers the flexibility of storage location and protection of the data on any device with the added benefits of the cloud in the way that NetCrypt does.

NetCrypt client software runs on Windows 7 or higher and is also available for Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or later. The NetCrypt server software requires Windows 7 or later or Windows 2008 or later.

NetCrypt’s flexible architecture enables organizations to host NetCrypt data vaults in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both to create a hybrid cloud solution.

Organizations have the option to use their own on-premise, public cloud storage from a partner on the NetCrypt Marketplace or to use hosted storage from their service provider to quickly and easily create a globally connected, secure storage network.

Flexible deployment options allow organizations to install NetCrypt into their current environment, which protects past investments and provides business agility and cost efficiency while meeting compliance requirements, increasing security and removing vendor lock-in.

A key differentiator from other security software solutions is the simplicity and speed at which NetCrypt can be set-up as well as how easy it is for end-users to adopt.

The software can be installed by a service provider or IT Department within minutes. End-users require minimal training or special knowledge to use the NetCrypt software, making the rollout as seamless as possible.

Administrators can easily set-up cloud drives and manage storage encryption keys via the NetCrypt centralized Management Console.

Mapped drives appear once a user is authorized and logged-in to the client software, which is familiar to end-users.

No NetCrypt creates encrypted vaults that automatically map as network drives and the data contained in these vaults is encrypted.
No, encryption capability is built in to the Netcrypt software. No additional software is required to encrypt data when using NetCrypt.
As each cloud drive is created, an encryption key is entered as part of the drive configuration, meaning that the System Administrator holds the encryption keys.
No, Active directory is not required, however users can be imported into NetCrypt from Active Directory by either csv upload or automated synchronization with the ADSync add-on.
NetCrypt drives use both names and drives letters and if the drive letter is already used NetCrypt will automatically map to another drive letter.

NetCrypt vaults can be located on a USB or external drive, however it is not recommended as performance is generally degraded.

NetCrypt vaults should not, however, be located on network drives as the file systems do not send file update messages when files change. Netcrypt is dependent on these event signals to know when to synchronize files to the server.