A global SaaS security solution offering Encrypted Data Storage, Data Loss Prevention, Mobile Access, File Sharing & Collaboration and Auditing capabilities.

What is NetCrypt?

NetCrypt is a unique SaaS data security solution that protects data in a network of secure, 256-bit AES encrypted data vaults.

NetCrypt data vaults provide an ultra secure perimeter around your organization's data, no matter where it resides - user end-points, on the server or in the cloud. The NetCrypt solution also delivers the following additional capabilities:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Data Retention & Versioning
  • Web & Mobile device access
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Control data access beyond the firewall
  • Revoke and prevent unauthorized access to data
  • User access auditing for compliance
  • Device management with Remote Wipe
  • Hierarchical data access with full granular permissions
  • Active Directory integration and SSO
  • Global File Locking

With NetCrypt, users have simple, intuitive and secure access to the files they need, when they need them and with all of the benefits of the cloud to improve productivity, driving business forward. IT maintains complete ownership, visibility and control to ensure data security and business continuity.


Know with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption your data is protected.

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Private encrypted storage network

Unlock the power to build your own global secure storage network accessible from anywhere, in minutes.

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Access data anywhere, on any device

Boost productivity and performance whilst maintaining ownership.

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Collaborate with confidence

Optimise 'getting the job done' without compromising security.

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Virtual encrypted drives for network shares deployed on-premise, or as a global private cloud

  • Global storage network

    Rapidly create a global network of encrypted storage located anywhere you require, on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

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  • Bank-grade encryption

    Data is stored in vaults protected by AES 256-bit bank-grade encryption, accessible only to authorised NetCrypt users.

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  • Isolated data store encryption

    Remove the need to encrypt your entire drive by using NetCrypt encrypted containers to store the data you want to protect.

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  • Leverage existing hardware

    Cloud-enable existing file servers to rapidly create a compliant file-sharing network that meets data sovereignty obligations.

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  • Complete visibility and control

    Be in control of company data with visibility of all transactions to ensure compliance with company regulations.

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  • Secure, multi-device access

    Authorised NetCrypt users can securely share, sync and access files from any web browser, iOS or Android device.

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